Quality Homebuilding & Construction on the Outer Banks

         Anyone can build you a house AT the Outer Banks, 
             but Hutton & Company will build you a house 
                                  FOR the Outer Banks. 

         A home built to Hutton & Company standards will combat the elements of the Outer Banks which make it much different from building in other areas. Knowledge of proper construction techniques to manage water intrusion, wind driven rain, high winds, and home deterioration in our area will make a major difference in your home investment for the long term. We aggressively manage these key building issues. 

         Hutton & Company will work with your plans to customize a home to your standards and requirements, and we will build your house FOR the Outer Banks. That brings home value and value to your home. 

         Understanding our unique methods is worth a discussion before a decision. Let us meet with you before you invest in your home.

                                                       -Allan Hutton, owner and President
                P.O. Box 1045, Kitty Hawk, NC, 27949, Phone: 252-261-8870, Fax: 252-261-8870